How to get user details to show in Report when user has purchased without logging into the system?

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     5 years ago


    I'm having some troubles with the reporting side on AwoCoupons.

    We're trying to get "Purchased Gift Certificate List" showing all data necessary.

    All users data shows in report when we were logging into the system to make purchases.

    However, when we're not logged into the system there are no user details being displayed in report.

    We've had a little look into the code and believe this issue is being caused in "administrator/components/com_awocoupons/helpers/estore/virturemart/helper.php", within the SQL statement in the function "rpt_purchased_giftcert_list".

    We believe it has to do with the line 'LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_userinfos uv ON uv.virtuemart_user_id=o.virtuemart_user_id AND uv.address_type="BT"' as this would is trying to refer to a users id, however if a user is not logged in there is no user_id generated (set to 0).

    I've tried altering this line (to what I believe is the answer) so it's 'LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_userinfos uv ON uv.virtuemart_order_id=o.virtuemart_order_id AND uv.address_type="BT"' but receive the error '#1054 - Unknown column 'uv.virtuemart_order_id' in 'on clause'' (as seen in image003.png) when testing in phpMyAdmin.

    Could someone please advise how I can get the user details showing when the user has purchased without logging into the system?


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     5 years ago



     LEFT JOIN #__virtuemart_order_userinfos uv ON uv.virtuemart_order_id=o.virtuemart_order_id AND uv.address_type="BT"