how to generate the buy x get y coupon for the custom fields

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     2 years ago

    Dear Support,

    I would like to check how can i able to use the buy x get y feature for the items are having the custom fields. Like to say as example below.

    -- The product name "ABC123" having the pack sizes as the custom fields. Which is 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs, 30kgs.
    -- Each packs had the different values while the customers/members by chosen or checkout time.
    -- And i wants to do the promotion to say, when the customer choose 5Kgs as two i given away as 1 5Kgs pack.
    -- And when the customer choose 10Kgs then 1 pack of 5Kgs and there is no promo for 20kgs and 30kgs.
    -- I did created at the coupon as buy x get y feature.
    -- But then, noted that when the customer choose 10Kgs or 20Kgs or 30Kgs as 2 packs also the system giving as 10kgs as 3packs or 20kgs as 3packs or 30kgs as 3packs instead of 5kgs.
    -- is that possible to control the packs size at the coupon module? Which is these packs are maintained by virtuemart 3.0.12 custom fields.

    Can assist on this?

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     2 years ago


    Unfortunately it is not possible create a coupon on a specific custom field. So no way to do what you want, unless they had their own separate product ids.