How do we make sure the coupon/gift certificate is used completely?

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     8 years ago

    When the value of the coupon/gift certificate is greater than the amount of order, the coupon/gc value is set to the amount of the order and the rest of the amount is just slashed off.

    For Example:
    Coupon amount: $100
    Order: $60

    When the coupon is applied to the cart, the message is displayed:
    Info: The Value of the Coupon is greater than the current Order Total, so the Coupon Value was temporarily set to $60.00

    Where did the rest of $40 Coupon value go? How do we make sure that it is the value left in the coupon and will be available until it's used off.

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     8 years ago

    Within the free version the remaining value goes away for either coupon or gift cert. Within the pro version the value of the gift cert can be used reused until the total value is used up.