How can i configure AcyMailing Tag : AwoCoupon

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     a year ago

    I don´t see how configure it in

    If i open extension-plugins- AcyMailing Tag : AwoCoupon i don´t see any configuration screen

    - i was awocuopon for virtuemart vesion Version: 2.0.23 free

    - if i add an new subcribeer in acymailing nothing occurs and not coupon was created...

    how can configure it? where? in plugin? in component acymailing? in component awocoupon?

    i see a form configuration but i don´t see where is it?


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     a year ago


    The plugin is not used under extensions->plugins.  All you do there is enable it.

    Then go into AcyMailing, and edit or add a new newsletter.  Once in there, click on 'tags'.  You should then see the AwoCoupon tab that you can configure.