How to add Gift Certificate Balance Redemption module in Checkout

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     2 years ago

    Can someone assist with how to add the Gift Certificate module into the cart/checkout immediately below the coupon field, as shown in the 'AwoCoupon Pro - Gift Certificate Balance' blog article? We can allocate the module to a module position on the page, and it all appears to work correctly, but we are unsure of how to add it within the cart/checkout page below the coupon field.

    Joomla 2.5.19 / Virtuemart 2.0.26 / AWO Coupon Pro 2.3.8
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     2 years ago


    In order to display it in the shopping cart directly you would have to first install and enable another extension that allows you to display modules anywhere:

    Then you would need to update your template. For joomla it is found here:

    If that file does not exist, then copy it to that path from here:

    Then at the end of the file add something like this:
    {module 106}

    Where 106 is the actual module id, which you can see in admin->extensions->modules