History of uses report seems to not list everything

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     3 years ago

    Hello Seyi,

    My client asked for some answers, so I went to History of Uses.

    If I search for a given coupon code (ex. : SnH5UC4aSC), the report list 0 uses. It tried with a lot of coupon codes, but same result. But in Virtuemart, if I look into specific orders, the coupons are listed and Awo did its job (applying the coupons).

    Also, if I go to (...)index.php?option=com_awocoupon&view=history&layout=coupon, it gives ERROR 500 (Layout "coupon" not found). I checked on the forum, there's a solution about altering a table with some collation, but the table awocoupon_user_uses does not exist. I am quite surprised.

    I went to awocoupon_history table and the coupon_entered_id are there.

    How can I have a good report?

    Thanks for your help !
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     3 years ago


    Are you sure it is the collation problem? If you go to global configuration and temporarily set debug to yes, you receive the mysql error with collation? If so what is the error?

    I get the impression you seem some history and not others? If so then it is not a collation problem.

    The history table in AwoCoupon 2 is #__awocoupon_history, not #__awocoupon_user_uses