Gift vouchers custom fields not working on VM3.8.8 10472

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     23 days ago  last edited 23 days ago


    I pretty sure I have configged everything correctly

    I notice when config the test input custom and select cart attribute and save the cart input radio also selects?

    Is this right?

    Have filled the appropriate custom ids in the gift cert product from name , recipient name and email and applied these fields to the product.

    the fields appear

    after filling these on the product and adding to cart they are not listed in the cart or subsequently .. should they be?

    I seem to remember they do display in the cart and then further when I have used text input before?

    Am using VP OPC but also tested with the standard VM checkout and no sign of the custom fields..

    Any hints?

    Can send links etc if u need...

    forgot to mention...  with no fields filled I receive the email with gift voucher and all works OK  ..

    with fields filled no email is received

    hmmm - with fields filled and add to cart the fields are not in the html post



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     23 days ago

    GRRRR ---  info for others ... never mentions that the customfield position MUST be "addtocart"

    all working now