[Resolved] Gift Certificates using Custom Attributes in Joomla 2.5

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     5 years ago

    HOW IS THE FOLLOWING NOW DONE IN JOOMLA 2.5? These instructions seems to be only for Joomla 1.5.

    Sell Gift Certificates online in your Virtuemart Store

    Product’s custom attributes – recipient details

    When your customer shops in your store for a gift card, by default it is emailed directly to them. However, it is pretty safe to assume that when somebody buys a gift card it is a gift for somebody else. So by adding custom attributes to the product in Virtuemart, you can enable fields to collect gift card recipient details, allowing customers to enter the recipient’s name, email and a personal message.
    To do this:

    - edit the product within Virtuemart
    - go to the Product Status tab
    - in the Custom Attribute field at the bottom add the field names. For example: Recipient Name;Recipient Email;Message. Don’t forget to separate them with semicolon (;).