Gift Certificate Value More Than Total

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     5 years ago

    In Virtuemart:
    When a gift certificate is used and the value of the gift certificate is greater than the order, the amount used is correctly changed to the total.
    However, the value used is never recorded in uses so the user can keep using it.

    If the value of the gift certificate is less than the total, everything is recorded okay. It appears as though it has something to do with skipping the payment section?

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     5 years ago


    The history of the gift certificate should be recorded regardless of if the order total is 0 or not. Is this Virtuemart 1 or 2 you are having a problem with?

    With vm1, the order is created within
    administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/ps_checkout.php function add, and the coupon function is called within that function to record history

    Within vm2, Virtuemart calls the plugin plgVmRemoveCoupon when an order is created which does the cleanup.