Gift Certificate PDF image is not displayed correctly on each straight side

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     2 years ago

    I have created a profile. In the PDF is in your mind an image with a fixed width and height. In the text box Vochers's code. In the Footer Imprint.

    If someone buys several vouchers sees the PDF as follows:

    1st page - image is OK
    2. Page - picture is quite small - Error
    3. Page - Picture is OK
    4. page - image is quite small - Error
    5. Page - Picture is OK


    There seems to be an error in the programming for the PDF. Can you fix it? How long would it take?

    Many thanks for an answer. Ilona Kreuzmann
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     2 years ago


    Can you please send the pdf and/or images of this? Also can you send the image you are using for the voucher? Email address on contact page.