Gift Certificate and $0.00 Shopping Cart

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     7 days ago


    First I'd like to start by saying that AwoCoupon is a phenomenal addition to Virtuemart!

    I have come across an issue when using a gift certificate and having the shopping cart reach $0.00. Here is an example:

    I purchase 4 items total $18.65
    I have a Gift Certificate for $20.00
    I use the gift certificate and now the total of my shopping cart is $0.00
    I proceed to PayPal and I get an error

    I can manually change the order from Pending to Confirmed but that requires having to go through the order and then explaining to the customers that their order did go through. An invoice is also sent after changing it to confirm but the total on that invoice is -$0.01.

    Is there something in the setup to allow these $0.00 shopping cart scenarios or is there a way to set a limit for the minimum? I'm afraid that if someone buys a $50 gift card and tries to buy items for $25 and then leaves the remainder for later it will error out. What is the best way to set up this scenario?

    Thank you!

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     5 days ago


    With Virtuemart, you have to setup a free payment method.  So what you could do is go to virtuemart > payment methods.  Create a new payment method, standard, call it 'free order' (for example), and set  Maximum amount to 0.01.  then for all other paying payment methods, set their Minimum amount to 0.01.  So when the order total is 0, only the free payment method shows.