Generate a coupon which has a 3 month expiry date from time it's gerated

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     4 years ago

    Does anyone know if it's possible to create a coupon that would have a life span of say 3 months from the time it's issued.

    For example I have created a "get £10 off if you spend over £50" coupon, which can be used by a customer 1 time only, however if I set an expiry date on the coupon, then surely this will be set from the date I create the coupon, rather than when I issue the coupon to a specific customer ....

    so my question again is: is it possible to create a coupon that can be set to expire 3 months from the day it is issued?

    Many thanks in advance :0)
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     4 years ago


    Only the expiration date can be set within a coupon. However, if you are using a template and are setting the expiration in a gift certificate or a rule, such as aworewards, then that expiration takes precedence.