Excluding some products from a 50% off coupon for VM2?

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     4 years ago

    Hi there -

    I have built a site using Joomla 2.5.9 and Virtuemart 2.0

    I have been using AwoCoupon for a while. The version installed is

    I have a code for 50% off products and have set it up so it excludes certain key products in one category.

    For some reason it only seems to exclude the certain key products when they are ordered alone.
    If I add any other products that are included to my basket then the excluded products become included again.

    If I use the Exclude Products on Special option I can exclude the key products as I desire but the problem is I can't use this option to achieve the result I want because I am using a module elsewhere that relies heavily on this feature.

    Do you have any advice?
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     4 years ago


    I believe you have your 'Discount type' set to 'overall'. In that case everything in the cart gets discounted as long as one or more of the "assets" are in the cart. To just discount specifically the "asset" set the 'Discount type' to 'specific'.