Error in Plugin Payment

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     3 years ago

    Hello, I'm having problems with my payment plugin after I updated my AWOCUPOM
    The coupon discount is not being passed on to the checkout my payment method PayPal / PagSeguro

    My version of Virtuemart>

    I believe the AWOCUPOM has changed the name of any assignment
    Could you help me figure out which would be to fix the bug?
    if (!empty($cart->couponCode)) {
    //Correção valor cupom de desconto para 2.0.20+ (antes os descontos eram salvos como valores positivos, agora como negativos(o correto))
    if($cart->pricesUnformatted['salesPriceCoupon'] > 0){
    $ValorCupom = (round($cart->pricesUnformatted['salesPriceCoupon'], 2)*-1);
                } else {
    $ValorCupom round($cart->pricesUnformatted['salesPriceCoupon'], 2);
    $paymentRequest->setExtraAmount($ValorCupom round($cart->pricesUnformatted ['salesPricePayment'], 2));
    $paymentRequest->setExtraAmount(round($cart->pricesUnformatted ['salesPricePayment'], 2));
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     3 years ago


    I just tested Virtuemart 2.0.8e, AwoCoupon 2.3.7 and I did not find any problems, the discount was transfered to paypal.

    What do you mean by AwoCoupon has changed the name of the assignment? And the code you pposted, what is this from?