Error in PDF for Gift Certificate from Virtuemart

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     2 years ago

    The trigger for PDF Gift Certificate in Virtuemart is set correctly. For status change in Virtuemart the PDF is sent properly.

    When sending the PDF and open in Virtuemart is the Vocherstext all in one line. He can not be read.

    When sending the order from the AWO component is the PDF correctly. The lines in Vocher are all displayed correctly.

    I use the following versions:

    Joomla - 23.4.4.
    Virtuemarkt - 3.0.9.
    AWO Coupon - 2.4.2

    Where are the error. I'd like to send a picture to help you see the error. How can I do that.

    Many thanks for the answer. Ilona Kreuzman
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     2 years ago


    I am really having a hard time understanding. Please send an email with the images to the email address on the contact us page: