Error 500 creating first coupon

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     7 years ago

    To the forum,

    I downloaded the free version of AwoCoupon, and when I went to add my first coupon, I received the following error:

    500 - An error has occurred.

    DB function failed with error number 1146
    Table '7_031363d_0.jos_awocoupon' doesn't exist SQL=INSERT INTO jos_awocoupon ( `id`,`coupon_code`,`num_of_uses`,`coupon_value_type`,`coupon_value`,`min_value`,`discount_type`,`function_type`,`expiration`,`published` ) VALUES ( '0','1','1','percent','20','1','overall','coupon','2010-12-31','1' )




    I am on Joomla 1.5.13 and Virtuemart 1.1.4
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     7 years ago

    for some reason, the install failed to create awocoupon tables. There are 2 things you can do, follow the instructions here to create the table:

    Or try to reinstall and see if that works. To reinstall first uninstall awocoupon within the admin section and then install it again.

    As for why the tables were not created, I have no idea. This is only the second complaint I have come across of this problem. The joomla installer should take care of installing the tables automatically.