Doubt on AwoCoupon functioning

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     6 years ago

    After reading the guide I got around 99% sure the plugin solves my need but, in front of the licesing coast, I decided to use the forum to move from 99% to 100%. :)

    My Intention:

    Create products in a category restricted to a group of users based on newsletters, with diferent prices than the regulars, for store pickup only (that's why I need a coupon system).

    How I see it:

    I would mail those users to product links, not acessible from store, wich have the diferent pricing and a smaller stock amount. This would be presented as products, not gift certificates (but that's what they would end up being).

    Once the user bought it, awo would produce the code and the coupon and email.

    The user would print, go to store, buy in the exclusive price, and the seller would remove the coupon from VM list, so that it would not be able to be used again.

    Aparently all that works alright with AWO, I'm just not 100% sure and would like a feedback here before proceding to get the license :).
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     6 years ago

    I think I understand your flow and if so, yes, AwoCoupon Pro would work, with some minor alterations. Your flow:

    - create special products and tag them as gift certificates in AwoCoupon
    - customer purchases a special product from your store
    - customer receives email with code for picking up the item in physical store
    - customer prints it out and retrieves item(s) with it
    - seller unpublishes code as verification that customer has picked up item

    This would more or less work, the only problem is that a value is printed on each gift certificate. And since it is not a true gift certificate this is not needed. So the code would have to be altered a little to not display the coupon value.

    Other than that, I think it would work just fine.