Display of multiple coupon in checkout

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    BU DJOKO    
     13 days ago

    Hi Seyi,

    First at all, thank you so much for AwoCoupon, just got it, and look so powerfull :).

    Here is my question.

    I'm developing my e-shop with Hikashop in local.

    At the checkout process, after i enter 3 coupons, the display of them is in-line (PACK11, PACK22, PACK33) with only 1 trash bin (Display 1).
    Is it possible to have them display on columns with their own trash bin, like it's shows on your demo.awocoupon.com/shopping-cart when i enter 3 coupons. (Display 2 and Demo Display)

    Thx for your help.


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     12 days ago

    The template to display the coupons in the cart for virtuemart can be found here:

    But this was developed specifically for Virtuemart.  In order to make this work in Hikashop you would need a developer I believe.  You would need to
    - override the coupon function in hikashop
    - call the view above with the right input
    - write a delete function that deletes each individually, as the hikashop delete function would delete all at once