Discount not applied after checkout.

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     3 months ago

    I am running AWOcoupon on Virtuemart & Joomla with one page checkout. These were all updated to the latest version recently.

    Having an issue where the voucher code seems to be accepted on checkout and the discount is applied, but as soon as purchase is confirmed it reverts back to the old price (the old price is recorded as an order and the old price is displayed in the payment gateway/ thankyou page). This does not seem to effect people using the Paypal plugin but it does effect offline payment plugin and Barclaycard plugin.

    If I try the same using virtuemart's coupon system there is no error.

    This wasn't an issue before the recent updates but now any voucher code is not applied when paying offline or via the Barclaycard option and customers who think their gift voucher was accepted are being charged the full amount.

    Please help!
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     3 months ago

    In awocoupon > configuration > triggers, what do you have set for 'Order state to trigger coupon processing'?

    If it is 'order creation', can you try changing it to your confirmed statuses instead to see if that makes a difference?