Discount on Gift Certificates? Possible?

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     7 years ago

    If I wanted to offer an incentive for people to buy gift certificates during the holiday season by offering 10% off gift certificate face value, how can I do this?

    I am worried that if someone buys at the discount rate, then the amount that is sent to them in the gift card image is the sale value and not the face value.

    Does this make sense?

    I want someone to pay $90 for a $100 gift certificate, but the gift certificate code should be tied to the full value of $100 for redemption.
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     7 years ago

    Hi, the sale price of the gift certificate is the value entered within virtuemart when setting up the product. The value of the gift certificate is the value entered on the gift certificate product screen when setting that up. So you could set up the value on the gift cert product screen to be 100 and the product price to by 90, that would work. Alternatively you could set both values to 100 and make it a discounted product within Virtuemart.