Discount & Coupon query

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     2 years ago


    Wondering if it is possible within awocoupon discounts, create discount or coupon that will allow a user to spend an amount (e.g. $50) on products in one category and get 10% off your order. To include 10% off other items no associated with the category selected.

    Hope you understand my query.
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     2 years ago


    With the pro version you can use a parent coupon:

    Coupon A: $50 on category A
    Coupon B: 10% discount on all categories excluding A
    Coupon C: parent coupon, with process type all that apply, and add coupons A and B

    Then give out coupon C

    Also there is an option in awocoupon configuration that you can activate that says all products can be discounted at most once. If you did that, then you would not need to exclude category b in coupon b.