disable the Free shipping costs... is it possible?

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     2 years ago

    Hi, I'm new here.

    I'd like to know if with AWOCoupon is possibile to disable the free shipping costs.

    I mean this:

    1 - at 150$ the customer can buy the products without shipping costs.
    2 - the customer has a coupon. He applies the coupon.
    3 - when the coupon is applied the benefit of free shipping costs is lost.
    Even if his total amount is over the minimum (150$) to get the free shipping cost.

    in other words: the customer, applyng the coupon, he loses the benefit of free shipping regardless the final
    total amount.

    thanks in advance
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     2 years ago


    If this is for Joomla and the customer can only use one coupon in a transaction, and not multiple, then you can set it up.

    First you setup the free shipping discount over $150 and add that to the automatic coupon list so it is processed as normal.

    Then you setup the other discounts. for the other discounts you would set them to exclusive:

    Being exclusive, when added to the cart, they will remove the automatic discount.