Coupons for specific items work on everything

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     6 years ago

    I am just using the free version until i know it all works great.
    I have setup a new coupon to apply to about 10 products only, which appears simple enough. but if you buy one of the discounted items with another item that isnt discounted the discount id applied to the total of both when it should be just to the total of the discounted item,.

    So i have 2 items at £30 only one should get 10% off so the discount should be £3 but it applies it as £6.

    If i only buy the non discounted item the coupon is correct that it doesnt work.

    any ideas why this happens please ?
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     6 years ago


    Yes, the fix is in the coupon setup. Set the discount type to 'specific', which will discount just the items you selected. If you set it to overall then it discounts everything in the cart.