Coupons not being accpted on front end - Prestashop

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     5 years ago

    Hello,  My site is just about ready to launch and I wanted to test the discount coupon feature before rolling it out.  I created a test coupon for 20% of overall and assigned my own coupon code (averagejoes20).  I go through the normal check out process and enter the code into the voucher section.  After pressing enter, it thinks for a bit and reloads the total page without any discount being applied.  I have error reporting on an I do not get any error messages.  There is no other place to enter the coupon in on the 5 step check out process other then the voucher section.  How does AWO Coupon communicate between the prestashop voucher/cart rules?  is there some type of cart rules override that needs to be in there for it to work.  I can’t really seem to figure out why the coupon isn't being accepted.




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     5 years ago


    The first thing I would check is the override files.

    In www/override folder, you should have the same files as is in www/modules/awocoupon/prestashop/override15 folder, assuming you are using Prestashop 1.5.

    Also in awocoupon->configuration, set error messages to something identifiable to see if they show up in the front end.