Coupon that excludes a product

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     a year ago

    I have a coupon that I want to work for all products in the store except for one.  So I set the coupon up with just that one product selected in the Products section and ensured that Exclude was selected.

    That doesn't work for me.  The coupon always shows as being invalid.

    If I switch things around and include all products in the list, except the one that I don't want the coupon code to work on, and choose Include it works fine.  However this means that any time I add a new product to the store, I need to edit the coupon.  This is not ideal.

    Is there something special I need to do to get the exclude to work?  Or is it not meant to function like this?

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     a year ago


    Is this the latest version of AwoCoupon?

    So when you set it to exclude, it shows up as invalid in all cases?  if the excluded product is in the cart or not?  Also did you try going to awocoupon->configuration->error messages, clicking the debug button and save then try it again to see exactly where it is failing?