Coupon not found message

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     8 years ago

    I have noticed that when the minimum value of the coupon has not been reached and you enter the code, virtuemart returns a message saying "Coupon not found"

    I run a german site and the message was displayed in German also.

    Is it possible and where could i change the message to say that the minimum value has not been reached.

    Thanks in advance.
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     8 years ago

    here is how you can have the errors displayed:

    This was really supposed to be for debugging purposes, which is the reason its not located in the language file. In that same file. you will still need to edit the code to display the message in german. Do a search for return_false and update the message for each.

    I was not going to have awocoupon display friendly error messages, mainly because of languages. If you have a setup where you are running virtuemart in german, for example, and english error messages pop up in the coupon module, that would not be the best. So the easiest was to display the default virtuemart error.