Coupon not found in AWO Coupon pro

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     2 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    • Joomla 3.6.4
    • VM 3.0.12
    • AWO coupon Pro 2.5.0 ( how to update to lastest 2.5.3) show "Cannot validate website or license has expired" (valid til 2016-12-05)

    Error message : Coupon code not found. please try again.

    I am sure VMCoupon - AwoCoupon plug  is active.

    please advice, thank you
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     2 years ago  last edited 3 months ago


    Please make sure the license and local key in AwoCoupon match exactly what is in your account here:

    If it does not match this will cause update not to go through.  You can always manually update by getting the download file here

    Unzipping and installing through Joomla installer.

    For the coupon not found message, please go to awocoupon->configuration->error messages, click the debug button and save, then try the coupon again in the front end.  It should give more details now of why it is failing.