Coupon not calculating all products

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     2 years ago

    I have the following coupons set up:

    10% all products

    Buy 2 of X product get 1 of X product free

    My scenario.

    I add 3 of product X to cart - the price is $19 each, the total is $57. The coupon discount amount should be $19

    I add the 10% off coupon, the discount amount should be $3.8 (10% of $38). However the discount being applied is $1.9 (10% off only 1 of product X).

    Total discount being calculated = $20.90

    Expected discount amount = $22.80

    Is my expectation of how this should calculate wrong? Or is there some configurations I've not done right?


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     2 years ago


    I ran a test on this locally and it worked fine for me.  Is it possible to have a look at your site directly?  If so can you send a private message with temp admin access and instructions on exactly how to reproduce?