Coupon list not updated.

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     8 years ago

    Im on Joomla 1.5.6 and VM 1.1.4

    We currently are doing some give-aways from the site

    Ive done 35 coupons so far and the first 8 worked perfectly. Then from #9 and
    on for some reason used coupons wouldn't switch to "unpublished" although they
    don't work in the shop any more.

    Also when choosing "specific" in discount type and then saving the coupons goes
    to be saved as an "overall" coupon. Still the coupon works as a "specific" so it seems
    to be a display problem in the Coupons List.

    Please advice this is how i configure the coupons.

    Coupon Code: COUPONCODE
    Published: Published
    Function Type: Coupon
    Number of Uses: 1
    Percent or Total: Total
    Discount Type: Specific
    Value: 14.95
    Minimum Value: blank
    Expiration: 2010-03-31
    Customer: None chosen
    Products: One chosen

    I guess since the coupons are working properly this is not a huge issue but
    it would be great to see what coupons that have been used or not.

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     8 years ago

    Hi Klas,

    The the reason it defaults to "overall" is because you chose "Total" using the percent or total field. The coupon total is just subtracted from the total value of the cart. When using percent, it checks to see if you want a percent of the product(s) chosen or the overall. If you change the example you listed, it should save as specific.

    as for unpublishing coupons, there are only 2 situations where they actually get unpublished
    1) if its a giftcert and the number of uses have been maxed out
    2) if its a coupon, and you chose specific customers. If you do not choose specific customers, The coupon never gets unpublished, since future customers who have not registered yet can use the coupon.