Coupon history not working with VM 2.0.24, AwoCoupons Pro 2.2.5, Linelab onepagecheckout

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     4 years ago

    Hi, i the situation described in the subject.

    2 users have ordered with VM some product and have used coupons: in the cart (onpage checkout by linelab), calculations and in the orders is all ok.

    But when i check in AwoCoupons History i see nothing.

    I need to upgrade VM to 2.0.26 and apply your hack? I don'l like to edit core files :-(

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     4 years ago


    In AwoCoupon->configuration, what do you have "Restore coupon's number of uses if order is not processed" set to?

    Also the hack you see for 2.0.26 has already been implemented in the next development version 2.0.27, so it is really a temporary hack.