Coupon as a free gift from certain category

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     2 years ago

    I have specific rule to make for coupons and want to know if this is possible and how. It's kind of gift if customers spent xxx,xx euros in total.

    1. Customers put in cart total amount of €200 from any category.
    2. They get free products from cosmetic category for €30. Any product from that category. Like 100% discount. But only on cosmetics. They can not be able to put more than €30 or if they put more we want offer only €30 discount and the difference they need to pay.

    Hope ist clear. In short, spend on any product €200 and take €30 of cosmetics.

    For HikaShop v. 2.6.0.
    Best regards
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     2 years ago


    You can create such a coupon using Buy X Get Y:

    Function: Buy x get y
    value: 100%
    Maximum discount quantity: 1

    Buy X:
    Number: 1
    Asset: exclude cosmetic category

    Get Y:
    Number: 1
    Asset: include cosmetic category

    This should do it. Please note customer would have to add all products to the cart including the cosmetic product. Or you can check the box "automatically add get y to cart" and this will add the first available product it finds in the cosmetic category.

    Let me know if you have further questions.