Coupon enabled for first purchase only

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     2 months ago

    Hello, is possible to create a coupon that can be used only for user's first purchase?
    So not available for guests and if a user already made a purchase in the ecommerce.
    I use Virtuemart.
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     2 months ago


    You can do most of it but would require some work on your part as there is not a direct feature in AwoCoupon for this.

    - Create a new shopping group, for example 'old users' group
    - Add all old users to that group you do not want to use the coupon
    - When creating the coupon, exclude 'old users' user group
    - Set number of uses to 1 per customer

    The only issue is this will also work for guest users.  Setting the number of uses per customer to 1 will ensure it only works once for a guest user as it validates on the email address used for the order.

    Another option entirely is to use AwoRewards.  With this extension you can create a rule that would automatically send a unique coupon code to all users who have registered, with a minimum delay, after registration, of 1 day: