Coupon - Email Question

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     4 years ago

    This looks to be the software module that our website is looking to invest in. I just have 1 question.

    We would prefer to have a unique coupon code sent out to each individual user who subscribes to our website and or subscribes to receiving coupons via email. So basically, someone comes to our website, fills out an email form and boom a unique coupon is sent to them saying: You will receive $5.00 off your next purchase by using this coupon code: Star32104

    Please let me know if this module has this capability. I can't tell for sure if that's what i'm reading.
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     4 years ago


    AwoCoupon pro's main function is validation of coupon codes created within it. Its other job is to send out gift certificate emails for purchased gift certificate if configured by the administrator. It on its own does not send out coupons any other type of generated coupons. Now if you are using Joomla with acymailing, then there is a plugin for generating coupon codes within the newsletters:

    So maybe that would work for your needs.