Coupon doesn't recalculate on member price

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     7 years ago

    I have two prices for my products. One is for the public, the other is for members.

    I used AWO to provide a 50% off coupon. Now when non-logged in visitor places a product in the cart and checks out. He will put in the coupon code and receive the 50% off. But when he reaches the shipping page he'll log in or register as new member. Once the visitor logs in, the member price will show but the coupon discount is still 50% of the original price.

    For example:
    non-members price: $20
    awo coupon: -$10 (50%)
    net price to non-members: $10

    Now when the person logs in at the shipping page of the checkout
    member price: $18 (example for simplicity)
    awo coupon: -$10
    net price to member: $8

    When members log in, the coupon should be 50% of $18 not $20 and net price should be $9 not $8. Anyway to fix this?
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     7 years ago

    I think this has to do with the calls of the coupon component. The coupon engine I believe is only called on product insert/update/delete. So can you test your scenerio again, but this time after logging in, hit the update button on the product. I believe at this time the coupon will be recalculated to the correct value. If that is the case, then you will need to force the coupon to recalculate upon logging in.