Coupon Discount Plus Free Shipping

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     6 years ago

    I have searched and read as many of the posts that I can find as to free shipping but still do not understand if what I want is available.

    I need 1000 coupons that are a dollar amount discount and also provide free shipping. Is there a way to combine the two or must it be two coupons?

    I look forward to your help.
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     6 years ago


    You can combine the 2.

    Create Coupon A as a dollar discount
    Create Coupon B as a shipping discount
    Create Coupon C as a parent coupon where you add Coupon A and B and use the process type of 'apply all', set the published to 'template'

    Then go to the coupon list, you should see the generate coupons icon on the top right, click on it. Select Coupon C from the dropdown and set the number to 1000 and generate.

    You can view all the coupons that where generated by using the filters and setting the -- select template -- filter to Coupon C. You can also export it out to a csv file in reports.