Coupon delete tooltip formatting

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     a year ago
    using awocoupon pro

    There is an "X" graphic along with tooltip meant to allow the customer to delete the coupon. 1) for some reason the "X" graphic is being stretched. How do i correct this or replace it with a different graphic? Also, where do i go to edit / change the tooltip language?

    To replicate the above, go to, add any item to the cart and start the checkout process.  You can put in SPRING30 as a sample coupon that is currently active to see how your coupon is shown when activated and the respective "X" icon / graphic as well as the default tooltip when you mouseover it.

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     a year ago


    In my testing the x does not show stretched.  Did you figure it out?

    For the tooltip, looks like the OPC does not load the coupon language.  You can do a language override.  In admin, go to extensions->language->override and enter the constant 'COM_AWOCOUPON_CP_DELETETOOLTIP'.  Then enter the translation and save.