Coupon Creation: How to excluding a particular customer from applying a coupon

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     5 years ago

    How can I exclude a particular customer from applying a coupon.

    It is only possible to include customers while creating the coupon.

    I need an exclude “customer function” so that I can associate the coupon with an affiliate in AwoAffiliate.

    In this way I can prevent the affiliate to use his own associated affiliate coupon code while shopping. The associated affiliate coupon code is intended to give away to friends of the affiliate. Thus the affiliate will get a commission on purchases of his friends and at the same time the friends will get a discount.

    If I do not exclude/prevent the affiliate from using his own affiliate coupon code, he will get a discount as well as a commision on all his own purchases.

    Joomla 2.5.6
    Virtuemart 2.0.8
    AwoCoupon Pro Version 2.1.3
    AwoAffiliate 2.1.1
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     5 years ago


    No, there is not an exclude customer function. Might it not be easier to create a new shopper group, call it affiliates, and within the coupon select all shopper groups except for affiliates and add the user to the affiliate shopper group?