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     2 years ago

    We have awocoupons installed on one of our sites and the customer has setup a specific coupon code that can be used unlimited times that increases in discount the more items you have in cart for items in one of the chosen categories.

    2+ item(s) >> total discount 10.00 Amount
    3+ item(s) >> total discount 30.00 Amount
    4+ item(s) >> total discount 40.00 Amount
    5+ item(s) >> total discount 50.00 Amount
    6+ item(s) >> total discount 60.00 Amount
    7+ item(s) >> total discount 70.00 Amount
    8+ item(s) >> total discount 80.00 Amount
    9+ item(s) >> total discount 90.00 Amount
    10+ item(s) >> total discount 100.00 Amount

    However when adding items to the cart we find it only counts the first time that product is added to the cart. If you increase the qty or add the item again with a different cart options (eg. one product/sku has multiple sizes in this clothing store) then it doesn't increase the discount you receive.

    I was investigating to try and find what was causing this which lead me to suspect the following file but from what I could see it looked like it should work but I haven't edited or done testing with it yet.


    Was wondering if this is a known issue with a known fix or maybe if there is at least a part in this file or another file that might need to be updated to make this work.

    Site info

    Joomla 2.5.14
    Awocoupon - 2.4.5
    Virtuemart - 2.0.20b
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     2 years ago


    I am assuming this is the value definition you are using right?

    If so, do you have 'apply distinct count' checked? If so you should uncheck that.