Coupon Code Not Found

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     4 years ago

    Hi.. we have AWO Coupon Pro 2.2.6 with VM 2.0.26 and Rupostel One Page Checkout. We have a FREE shipping coupon code set up. When the user enters the coupon code and then hits "Save" an error message displays "Coupon Code Not Found". Although, the discount is applied on the page. However, when the order is actually processed it charges shipping. Help!
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     4 years ago


    I do not believe that the coupon code is actually being applied. If you refresh the page does the coupon discount disappear? If so it is not being applied.

    So some things you can try:
    - disable one page checkout and test the coupon
    - in awocoupon -> configuration -> error message tab change the errors to something identifiable to see why it is failing