Coupon Code in Email

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     5 years ago

    Is there a {couponcode} short key we can input in the profile to send the deal code in the email after purchase?

    I want this to be the easiest method available and in case someone doesnt want to open an image, the deal code in email seems ideal.

    If i need to change a file to hard code a the message so this can be included i am comfortable with that, even if it means losing the easy profile editor option. I dont need this message changed and i offer just one deal.

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     5 years ago


    You can customize the {vouchers} tag in the code.

    in www/administrator/components/com_awocoupon/helpers/estore/estoregiftcerthandler.php, around line 161, you will find the code:

    $text_gift .= ......

    That is where it is defined. Just remember {vouchers} tag can have multiple codes, if the customer makes a purchase as such.