coupon code and email confirmation

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     8 years ago

    i have not put your product on my website yet as I want to make sure it will work the way I expect it to. I have had to make some changes to my codes (using scuba guys fixes found on the virtuemart forum).
    I have my coupon codes appear on my invoices now, when I get confirmation of a purchase, I can see exactly which code has been used on the invoice. Also the code appears in the backend when I look at the orders. Does your program do this also?
    How does your coupon system effect taxes? I have the subtract coupon after taxes unchecked at the moment.
    If a customer buys $100 and the tax is $10 so the total is $110, if i give them a $20 discount the total becomes $90 with the tax adjusted accordingly. Will your program work the same way?
    Thanks Andrea

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     8 years ago

    Ok, I think awocoupon deals with your concerns.
    1) this component should not affect the display of the coupon code of your invoice. If it was there previously, it should still be there. this is purely a coupon engine, it doesnt delve into orders and display.
    2) As for taxes it works either way.
    If you have
    Product: $149.99
    Tax: $14.62 (9.75%)
    15 Percent Discount: 24.69
    If "Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping?" is not checked, then tax is $14.62
    if "Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping?" is checked, then tax is $12.22