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     2 years ago

    Hi Seyi,
    I have a client using AwoCoupon for their VM store.

    They currently have 2 categories for (example) Large T-Shirts and Small T-Shirts. I currently configure Awo to discount products within each category by whatever amount which is fine.

    The client now wishes to merge the 2x categories into a single category (T-Shirts), and have products as the colours (as an example) which when a user is viewing they can select a size from the dropdown select menu which is configured using Custom Fields (Cart Variants).

    If they were to go ahead with this, would it be possible to discount the variants specifically? So for the Large variant discount by 50% and the Small variant discount by 75%? I had a look but couldn't find any way of discount variants/custom fields and couldn't find any info on here.

    Kind regards
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     2 years ago


    No, the most specific you can go is to the product level (product_id). There is no way to select specific product variants.