Coupon being added multiple times

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     4 years ago


    I hope I can explain this well enough for someone to let me know if it can be fixed.

    Our set up is

    Virtuemart 2.0.22c
    Virtuemart Bonus Products (VM2) - 2.5.5
    AwoCoupon Pro - 2.2.2

    We are trying to set up discounts for products that are triggered by the quantity of that product in the cart

    Example Product A
    Normal price 9.99
    Buy 6 @ 8.99
    Buy 25 @ 7.99

    I have set up 2 coupons in AwoCoupon Pro which are specific to this product and offer either a 10.01% for 6 of or a 20.02% discount for 25 of.

    Then using Virtuemart Bonus Products I have set up rules which trigger the coupons to be added when the criteria is met.

    This is working perfectly. However we have other products on the site, which offer different quantity break discounts, so I needed to create more coupons & rules to do this.

    So I then need to "Enable Multiple Coupons" in AwoCoupon Pro so the shopper can get have more than 1 coupon in their cart.

    This is where the issue arises.

    Adding 6 of Product A triggers the first coupon to be added. If I then change the quantity of Product A in cart to 25, the second coupon for that same product is added. The resulting price in cart is not correct.

    Another issue then arises if at this point in time I reduce the quantity of Product A to 1, the coupons are note removed, so the user is getting the discount even though the rule has not been triggered.

    If I remove the product and start again with 1 of Product A, the coupons are removed and correct price is there.

    I hope I have explained this enough. Do you have a solution?


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     4 years ago

    Hello Dave,

    How did you create the coupon? Is it separate coupons for the quantity discounts? If so, that is the problem. You can create the quantity discounts in 1 coupon code using value definition: