Confused about License

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     5 years ago

    I'm confused by the whole license thing. I read three pages of posts and did a search in the forum, but didn't find my answer.

    So, let me just ask a few questions...

    1) If I buy my license and it expires after one year, does AwoCoupon stop working on my web site?

    2) Are any of the files that are part of AwoCoupon encrypted?

    3) Can I run AwoCoupon as a stand-alone application on my laptop, either for data entry or for development purposes?

    4) If I don't enter the license, will AwoCoupon not work? Are we required to enter the license key?
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     5 years ago

    Hello Taz,

    1) No, the license is forever and permanent. Updates to AwoCoupon expire after 1 year, but can always be renewed
    2) No
    3) I would need more information about your setup to answer this properly
    4) Yes, a license/local key is required