Combining AWO Coupon (Pro) with AlphaUserPoints Coupon not working - alternative.

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     4 years ago

    So we have a question whether this is even possible.

    The store (VM 1.1) allows users to redeem their epoints (through AlphaUserPointsCoupon) for a discount of 5, 10. 15 or 20 bucks. The discount works properly by itself.

    When we install AWOC pro, however, the user still can redeem points for a coupon and they can apply it to the order (and the subtotal shows discounted) but when they need to confirm the order, the discount is gone (although the epoints ARE taken out of the users account).

    Allow VM coupons and Allow multiple coupons are both checked in the AWOC config.

    If an AWOC coupon is used, the discount is applied properly. Combining an AWOC coupon with the AlphaUserPoints applies only the AWOC and ignores AUP discount.

    Is there something we need to look over or configure either AWOC / AUP differently to let them coexist properly?

    Thanks for the help
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     4 years ago


    In the front end, you can either use Virtuemart coupons or AwoCoupon coupons. You cannot mix them. If you do, then it knocks one of them off the cart. So this would not work. The best solution would be to modify AlphaUserPoints to generate AwoCoupon coupons instead of Virtuemart coupons. It should be a pretty easy modification.