Change Free Shipping "Value" to Standard Shipping Rates on Coupon Pro?

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     5 years ago

    This is a great plugin! Thank you for it.

    I have a question on Shipping Coupon... can the "Value" field be changed to match Standard Shipping rates?

    For example the coupon I'd like to offer is:
    If a customer buys 5 or more of an item they get free shipping.

    But what if they buy 50 of that item?

    The shipping calculation on 50 items is more then the "Value" amount so the customer only receives the "Value" discount and not free shipping on the larger orders.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated -Thank you!
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     5 years ago


    If I understand correctly you want to create a free shipping coupon, not caring what the value of the shipping is right? If so you can just set the value of the coupon to 100%. This will make the shipping free, no matter the cost.