cart item quantity error after ordering the last product stock.

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     3 months ago  last edited 3 months ago

    hello seyi,

    i am using awo coupon 3.5.9 with vm 3.6.10. on a joomlart template. for my small shop.

    i have no error on awocoupon installation check.

    recently i have recognized a weird issue.

    which is:

    when i have only one quantity of a product available for shopping.

    and when customer tries to purchase it, after calling back from the payment page,

    (where he should see the order confirmation notice and the order tracking number)

     he will see a yellow warning above the page which says:

     "Max quantity of that product  reached, new quantity in cart set to"

    with no other error on that page even js. and even with setting the error report to max.

    i was thinking that it was a payment method plugin issue, but after a few days investigation,

    i realized it has something to do with awocoupon, because when i disable the VMCoupon - AwoCoupon plugin,

    that warning will never appear in similar situations again.

    i have seen the post "quantity-of-items-in-cart-not-update-correctly" in help section

    which i thought, it was a similar issue to mine, with this difference that i dont use automatic add balance option,

    but the fix that you have given didn't work for my issue.

    do you have any idea for my issue?

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     3 months ago

    sorry seyi, i just read about some of the fixes that you did in upper versions release notes.

    the problem have been solved, with updating to the version 3.6.

    now i just have to redo some of my customizations again. but that's ok.