Cannot Create Gift Certificate

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     5 years ago


    I was reading the documentation for Awocoupon Free here, and saw that I could create Gift Certificates for unregistered users. However, when I tried to do it, I was unable to select a Function Type for my coupon, and it only had the Coupon option. May I get some help on this? I am running virtuemart 1.1 on joomla 1.5, many thanks.
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     5 years ago


    The documentation is a little misleading. I will make sure it gets updated.

    What you can create is gift coupons. And by this I mean you can set the limit on the number of times the coupon is used. In virtuemart you can create a gift coupon, and this means the coupon can be used just once. With AwoCoupon you can create a gift coupon that is used x number of times. To do this, the function type will be 'coupon' and you can set the number of uses to x total.