Buy X, Y and Z to get $ discount

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     13 days ago  last edited 13 days ago

    Another "I may be over thinking things" but I need to see if its possible to create an automatic discount if a combination of individual items are in the cart.

    For example, its not the quantity I want to verify, but the presence of multiple items in the cart before applying the discount. I created one and what happens is the discount is applied if the person changes the quantity of a single item in my list. They can order as many as they want of a single item and NOT get the discount. I need them to have at least one each of several items.

    I tried the minimum product quantity to 1 specific, but there are 20 or more items that qualify. Of the qualified products, I need for them to have at least 1 each of 2 or more in the cart, but not count if they have more than one.
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     12 days ago


    You should be able to create this using value definition:

    To activate, click the icon next to the value field.  Lets say you want to give a discount of 20% if 5 different products are in the cart, then you can enter:

    # of products       value

    5                          20

    Check 'Apply distinct count'