Buy X Get Y question

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     4 years ago

    I have a buy x get y setup in my prestashop

    I a customer buys product X he/she should get 2 get Y gifts. I added 2 products to the 'Get Y' assets and with number > 1 or 2 does not matter because only one product is added to the cart when I put product X in the cart. It always seems to be the upper product from the 2 in the list.

    This is not working with the orignal ParentOrderController.php or with the hack I added to get product Y automatically added to the cart.

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     4 years ago


    The get y list does not work the way you think. If you add 2 items to the list and have the "automatically add product to cart" checked, then it will find the first product that qualifies that it can add and add it. If you set the number to 2, then it will add it twice.

    If you are trying to give 2 specific different products when x number of buy x is added to the cart, then you can try something like this:

    Coupon A: Buy x Get Y coupon where you set the Get Y product to the first product:
    Coupon B: Buy X Get Y coupon where you set the Get Y product to the second product
    Coupon C: Parent coupon code where you add both coupons with process type of "all that apply"

    Then use Coupon C. Disclaimer, I have not tested this, but it should work.